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About Freightliner Hood

You found an awesome Freightliner in great mechanical condition, but the hood is shot. You were not sure at first whether you would be able to find a replacement Freightliner hood for it, but you were surprised. The Freightliner brand has been around since its founding in 1942, but the company has existed far longer than that, originating in the 1930s as Consolidated Freightways. The trucks are workhorses that ferry goods from one end of the country to the other, in all kinds of weather. The hoods and body are made from fiberglass, which keeps them light and easy to maintain. When you look for a replacement, it is important that you find one from the same model of truck cab. The Freightliner Classic hood has slightly different dimensions and cutouts than the ones for the Freightliner Century hood. You want the hood to fit like a glove, because it helps offer aerodynamic qualities that conserve gas. No matter what type of Freightliner hood you need, the vast inventory on eBay helps you to find exactly the right one so you can get back on the highway.

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