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About Freightliner Classic

Whether you are driving on a coastal highway with beautiful expanses of blue to the West, or traversing a mountain plateau with purple peaks to the East, chances are good that you see a few semi trucks on the road. If you ever need one for your own, the Freightliner Classic is a terrific choice. The Freightliner Classic is a traditional semi-truck cab, with the comfort and amenity that any long drive demands and deserves. The truck's simple and durable design makes it ideal for journeys with heavy cargo loads. The Classic has a good reputation for its lightweight construction, which translates to improved fuel efficiency and overall performance. The hood tilts forward to reveal the inner workings of the engine, so if something does go wrong, or you just want to service the engine, everything is right at your fingertips. Sleep cabs provide ample room to rest and recover from a long day's drive. You can find plenty of fine Freightliner Classics as well as parts that are visible by browsing through the large inventory on eBay.

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