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About Freezers

Urban farming is a popular trend, and if you are harvesting your own food, you may want an additional freezer to store your excess supplies. Freezing offers an additional way to store your meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and other extra items, and you can safely store your food for up to 12 months, depending on the item. If you have limited space for your extra freezer, a chest freezer gives you a compact space to store many items. Brands vary, but you can find a freezer as small as 1.3-cubic feet. If you prefer shelves in your freezer rather than a single large storage space, you may prefer an upright freezer. These units are similar to standing refrigerators, giving you the convenience of shelves in an upright space. No matter the style of freezer that you would like for your additional food storage, you can likely find what you are looking for from the large inventory available from the reliable sellers on eBay.