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About Franklin Mint Dolls

Mommy can I play with her? No honey, Franklin Mint dolls are for "big girls," for the eyes only. For half a century the Franklin Mint artisans have produced exquisite, finely crafted dolls for adult collectors. Populating an antique curio cabinet or artfully placed in small groupings around your bedroom or library, Franklin Mint dolls imbue your home with both childlike innocence and old world sophistication. Find Franklin Mint porcelain dolls to expand or begin your own collection by shopping the offerings of reliable sellers on eBay. Bring home porcelain depictions of Hollywood royalty like Shirley Temple, Frank Sinatra, or Marilyn Monroe. Or select doll-size versions of historical figures such as President John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, or Princess Diana. If you prefer the younger set, choose a Franklin Mint baby doll (or two.) such as the Franklin Heirloom "Victorian Christening Doll" in her lacy white gown and bonnet, or "Hailey, the Little Biker Baby Doll," in her Harley-Davidson onesie and tough-girl jewelry. Collect them all and pass them on to your daughter, so that one day she will tell her own little one, "No honey, Franklin Mint dolls are for big girls."

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