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About Frank Sinatra

Ol' Blue Eyes captured the hearts and attention of America with his womanizing ways and billboard topping songs. It is virtually impossible to pass through the Lincoln Tunnel or walk through central square without Frank Sinatra running through your head to "Start spreading the news." "New York, New York" was one of Frank Sinatra's most popular tunes from the late 1970s, included in the Frank Sinatra record "Trilogy." Interestingly, many of Sinatra's famous tunes were not his original work. Popular songs such as "The Way You Look Tonight, "Summer Wind", "Fly Me to the Moon," and many other hits were actually covers of existing songs originally performed by other artists, but it was Sinatra who made them famous. Both the original Sinatra versions and more modern covers of his classics from artists such as Michael Buble and Rod Stewart are available new or used on eBay. Although the Rat Pack leader died in 1998, Frank Sinatra CD and DVD labels continue to attract new fans from the younger generation looking to take a step back in time to a simpler day when life was about swingin' lovers and doo-be-doo's.

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