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About Franco Chains

Italy has been the birthplace of several of the most stylish types of necklaces, including the Franco chain and the Cuban link. Although the two styles are similar, the Cuban has a three-sided link design, which the Franco has improved upon to create a smoother chain that is less prone to tangling. Perfect for pairing with pendants or wearing solo, it’s a sophisticated style that goes well with everything you own. For everyday wear, a sophisticated gold Franco chain makes a bold but elegant statement. It can be worn under dress shirt, with the chain showing just enough above the collar to create a sense of intrigue, while pairing the same chain with a t-shirt creates a sense of casual grace. Add a pendant for an extra touch of flair. The silver Franco chain from reliable eBay sellers is a slightly cooler style that complements neutral tones such as grays and blacks, with a style as timeless and intriguing as fine Italian wine. Wearing a truly beautiful chain honors the artistry and ingenuity of a country known for its elegance, grace, and style. y