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About Franciscan Starburst

Most households possess at least one set of dishes in a favorite style. Floral patterns and geometric shapes become tiring when you see them on your dishes every day. A Franciscan Starburst set of dishes gives a fun, quirky look to your table, enchanting children and adults alike. The Franciscan Starburst pattern consists of either a pale blue or pale yellow spot, shot through with long black lines and triangles to create a haphazard sort of star. On one dish, you find seven large and small starbursts scattered seemingly at random over the white surface. Easily find a Franciscan Starburst plate, bowl, platter, or cup on eBay from a trusted seller. However, other pieces, like the Franciscan Starburst pitcher, teapot, or oil and vinegar cruet set, are a little more difficult to locate. To increase your chances of procuring these beautiful pieces for your collection, look for pre-owned items in excellent condition. The high quality of the Franciscan products ensures that you enjoy your acquisitions for years to come.

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