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About Francie

With her trendy red boots and her signature flip hairdo, Francie Fairchild is the Barbie doll's modern, trendy, and decidedly English cousin. Produced from 1966 until 1976, this 11.5-inch fashion doll exists among the huge inventory on eBay that includes her adorable clothes with fantastic geometric prints that were all the rage back in the late 1960s. Choose the brunette or blond Francie doll and dress her in soft pink leggings and an elegant A-line dress. Top that outfit off with a trendy Sugar Sheers clear plastic tote accented with lace so that Francie can head out on the town with her fashionable friends. Fun zip coats and blouses in bright orange and hot pink make this doll a serious contender for the "best dressed" category in the tiny fashion world of the disco era. Accent her outfits with cute hats in matching patterns, swimsuits that feature colorful stripes and elegant belts, and faux fur coats to keep her warm in the winter. Francie's accessories are fun, cheerfully bright, and filled with groovy 1970s flair.