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About Fox Body Mustang

The big American cars that dominated the road in the 1960s were replaced with smaller foreign imports in the 1970s as drivers felt the pinch of sky-high gas prices. Ford responded with smaller, lighter cars, such as the Fox Body Mustang, which rolled off the line for most of the 1980s and 1990s. Downsizing the car from the previous Mustang II design, the Ford Mustang Fox Body uses a shorter rear-wheel drive chassis that makes for a smaller silhouette overall. Mustang enthusiasts gravitate toward the Fox Body because it is readily available and simple to modify without breaking the bank. There are plenty of Fox Body Mustang parts listed on eBay along with complete used cars from the 1980s. Even those vehicles that no longer run are a goldmine for mechanics who use them for parts. Watch out for the bracing and the strut towers on the larger 5 L V8 Mustangs, however, as the vehicle's frame struggles to hold up these heavy engines over time. All told, the Fox Body Mustang is a sporty, lightweight, and customizable member of the Ford family.