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About Four Poster Beds

There is no denying that a four-poster bed looks amazing in most any bedroom. These classic beds add a touch of tradition to your home, and even modern beds combine that time-honored look with contemporary design. Four-posters come in many different styles, from traditional to contemporary to downright medieval, and you can play up that style to achieve your desired effect. Most are made of rich cherry or mahogany wood for durability. The posts come in a range of styles, whether you prefer hand-carved vines running to the tops to elaborate, Baroque-style spindles and a crescent-shaped headboard. Modern versions feature clean, straight lines and plain posts, and sleeker designs have slimmer posts that do not overwhelm even smaller rooms. Whether you choose a king, queen, or even a twin-size bed, a four-poster makes your room a haven of romance and coziness. Add a canopy or curtains for a private oasis all your own. A four-poster bed is also highly practical, in spite of how luxurious it looks. If you love sleeping with your windows open, netting around the bed can keep mosquitos away all night. Choose yours from the vast inventory on eBay and pick out some new linens to create your dream bed.