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About Four Leaf Clover

Whether you are embracing your inner Irish, or need a little luck in your life, a four leaf clover is the perfect way to show off your intentions. Wearing this iconic symbol as jewelry is a feminine way to reflect your style. eBay has a variety of four leaf clover necklaces including those classic shiny green and plastic beads. However, more appealing styles like silver or gold chains paired with four leaf clover pendants are widely available. The pendants generally have green gems but other birthstone colors may adorn them. Depending on your budget, eBay has four leaf clover pendants with glimmering rhinestones or genuine Swarovski crystals. The four leaf clover pendants may not adorn any flashy jewels at all and only reflect a simple silver or gold pendant. The most unique four leaf clover pendant encases an authentic four leaf clover in glass. Some of these pendants are carved into smooth ovals and squares while others are oblong shapes. The transparent piece can be worn with a metal, fabric, or leather necklace.