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About Fountain Pen Inks

Writing with a fountain pen may not make you a great writer, but you might just feel like one as you smoothly pen words on a blank page. To keep the ink flowing and the creativity going, invest in fountain pen ink refills. They come in either bottles or cartridges—which you need depends on the type of pen. Those with a piston converter or ink bladder reservoir require the former, while a cartridge reservoir obviously takes the latter. Even if you only need cartridges, having a bottle or two of ink can really set the mood in your writer’s den. As for color choices, the dreariness of black may do wonders to inspire your tortured soul to express itself in elegant prose, but you are not limited to this. Find fountain pen ink refills in a rainbow of colors and positively transform the meaning of colorful language. Though buying in bulk makes sense, keep shelf life in mind so your ink does not dry out long before your creativity does. Even so, you can always buy more from reliable eBay sellers. Just the act of refilling your fountain pen can be the inspiration you need to start writing again.