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About Fostoria American

It is impossible to stop at just one when you collect antique crystal stemware and dinnerware. A whole collection makes the collection of Fostoria American noticeable and worth much more. This pattern of antique crystal and glass cups, plates, and serving dishes sold from 1915 until 1987 by Fostoria until the company dissolved. The Fostoria American tumbler and all of the American designs have a cube-like motif with three seams or mold lines along the surface. The glass or crystal is clear, as Fostoria only uses high quality materials. Footed pieces have an ornate, tapered foot unlike competitors, which have a straight foot. In addition, it is rare to find colored pieces, but they do exist. Fostoria American blue glasses and dinnerware are worth a lot of money, if you ever find any. The best place to find Fostoria American pieces to add to your collection is from the reliable sellers on eBay.

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