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About Fostoria - Pottery & Glasses

Imagine the look on your grandmother's face when you present her with the Fostoria piece that was missing out of her collection all these years. The moment is priceless, and you can achieve it with the reliable sellers on eBay that offer antique glassware. The company produced glassware from 1887 until 1986. Obviously, antique Fostoria etched glasses are worth more than newer ones from the 1970s and 1980s. However, even these are rare since the company is not in business anymore. Fostoria crystal glasses and dinnerware were popular during the 1950s in designs such as Century and Rose. Many of Fostoria's patterns have names, including Colony (1940), American (1915), and Holly (1942). Glass and crystal from Fostoria is high quality. It appears clear and not cloudy, with three mold lines, not two like patterns from most other companies. Stemware is curvier than other glass manufacturers, and the base ring on each glass is flat. Before making a purchase, match the pattern of the stemware and dinnerware already owned to add to the collection.

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