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About Forward Controls

Even with the most comfortable motorcycle seat, riding down the road on extended trips can get tiring for anyone's legs and hips. Many riders use forward controls to make long hauls more comfortable by repositioning foot controls. On a standard cruiser or chopper, the controls sit at a central position, forcing the knee to bend and putting pressure on hips. Forward controls use linkages and extensions to allow you to shift and brake with your legs extended partially forward instead. If you are a Harley enthusiast, you can find chopper forward controls to modify your bike before your next weekend cruise with friends. You can also find forward controls in a variety of colors from polished chrome to flat black forward controls, allowing you to customize the look of your bike. To get to know the options available to you, look through the new and used selections on eBay. After all, no one ever said cruising down the road had to be uncomfortable.