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About Fornasettis

When it comes to art, few nations have produced the vast array of beauty that the Italians lay claim to. In the 20th century, few such masters have reached the success of Fornasetti. The Milan-based artist is known for a wide range of work, with everything from painting, sculpture, interior design, and engraving represented. During the course of his lifetime, over 11,000 works were brought into being, many of them based on the motif of Lina Cavalieri's face. His work is known for the interplay between light and dark elements, which draw attention to opposites. Other themes include time and the sun. Fornasettis can be found in plenty in the vast inventory available on eBay, where everything from original works to Fornasetti Milano trays can be purchased. Piero Fornasetti is widely regarded as a creative genius for his intricate designs, as many of his pieces are small and beautiful within that scale. Some pieces even include housewares like plates, although only a fool would eat off of a Fornasetti. Thus, a watchful shopper can find a wide range of Fornasetti's work to grace the home.