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About Ford Truck Cap

Instantly improve the functionality of your truck with a Ford truck cap for the bed. These caps turn an open air bed into an interior space with more use and protection for your cargo. A cap helps keep loose items from flying out of the bed when traveling down the road. It also provides some protection from the elements if you want to leave cargo in the truck or even use the bed as a place to sleep on camping trips. Available through the large inventory on eBay, you can find an aluminum or fiberglass Ford truck cap. Aluminum is lightweight and inexpensive, while fiberglass adds insulation and is more flexible and forgiving than metal. Your Ford truck bed cap may come with opening windows so you can air the inside out on a hot day. Some bed caps even include a locking back window to keep cargo secure when you are not around. The window lock prevents someone from just opening the tailgate to get into the bed. Improve the usability of your truck with a Ford truck cap.