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About Ford Truck Bed

Durable, reliable Ford truck beds let people transport large cargo that cannot fit into a car or SUV, like construction tools and supplies, motorcycles, or ATVs. Different Ford trucks have different bed sizes and styles. However, the overall design has not changed much so 1979 Ford truck beds are the same size and style as 1997 Ford truck beds as long as they are the same model. Trucks with 4-door extended cabs have smaller beds because the extra seats take up some space normally reserved for the bed. You can add a bed extender to maximize the available space. This is a gate that is usually made of metal bars that lock into place toward the back of the tailgate to hold extra long cargo. Truck bed covers protect cargo from the elements, and many rubber or metal varieties have locks for additional security. Search the large inventory on eBay to find the best Ford truck beds and accessories for your vehicle.