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About Ford Tailgates

Chances are good that if you own a Ford pickup truck, you swear by it and you work it to death. Your Ford tailgate probably takes the most abuse, whether you have a 1975 F-150 or a 2009 F-150 SuperCrew. There may come a time when your F-150 tailgate or Super Duty tailgate needs replacing, and maybe that time is now. Fortunately, you have an alternative to taking it to the dealer; it’s a virtual U-Pull-It lot known as eBay, where you can find vintage Ford tailgates, new OEM complete tailgate assemblies, exterior panels, as well as latch handle and lock assemblies. Tailgate cable assemblies are vulnerable enough to be practically a maintenance item, and affordable enough to go right now and pick up a spare set for emergencies. Your Ford F-series truck is your lifeline and your workhorse, and you are not alone. Ford F-series has not only been the best-selling pickup for 43 years and counting as of 2014, it has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for 32 years. It is true that if you take care of your Ford truck, it will take care of you.