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About Ford Sync

You might not be able to carry a tune, but Ford Sync sure can. Ford Sync is a unique audio accessory made for all types of Ford vehicles. You can find it in radios, navigation devices, and Ford Sync modules, acting as adapters with USB outlets and connecting your iPod, iPhone, and other personal devices. Depending on the type you use, each Sync offers different features. Units connecting to phones and portable electronics, called AppLinks, help you safely manage your devices while driving. These devices feature voice activation, letting you name the song you want to hear or direct the device on who to call. These units accept a variety of apps, including Pandora, iHeartRadio, and other popular programs. With these Sync attachments, you can skip through songs, request playbacks, and transmit and receive calls. Ford Sync navigation offers a flat visual display screen, which shows your location on a map. You can adjust the map using handy arrows, giving a detailed, local view or larger regional view. A voice recognition system lets you verbally recall past routes and set new ones without the hassle of typing. Look for these Ford units on eBay, where a large inventory lets you search for Syncs of all kinds.