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About Ford Station Wagon

Even the King of Hollywood, Clark Gable, could not resist the sheer charm of the Ford Station Wagon. Along with Mickey Rooney and Bette Davis, Gable listed the station wagon as his vehicle of choice due to its handsome body, V8 power, and limited production volume. First introduced in 1930s, these station wagons exude robustness, vintage splendor, and pure class, and it is easy to see why old Hollywood stars were so smitten by the design. The 1957 Ford Station Wagon featured a single-headlight front end just like its predecessors, but was unmistakably distinct with its signature tailfins and long flanks. With 3-speed automatic transmission and 5.4-liter V8 engine, this model is very popular among antique-car enthusiasts. If you are looking for two-door Starliners, the 1960 Ford Station Wagon would be a perfect addition to your vintage car collection. The 1960 station wagon series also included the Country Sedan, Country Squires, and Ranch Wagon models with rounder taillights and sleeker appearance. In addition to spare parts and accessories, you can also find Ford Station Wagon posters, old brochures, and factory photos in the vast inventory on eBay.