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About Ford Ranger Bed

You joke that you live out of your truck, but you probably could with the right accessories. Your Ford Ranger bed is not exactly comfortable enough to sleep in, but it can carry all your daily needs. A Ford Ranger bed liner lets you carry a variety of materials without damaging the bed. These polyurethane liners also help prevent fragile items from sliding around and getting broken. Drop-in liners made of plastic or rubber fit your model exactly, held in place with snaps or adhesive. Bed mats are relatively inexpensive and designed to prevent scratches and dents, and to keep loose items in place. Another way to protect your tools and other gear is with a Ford Ranger bed cover that fits your vehicle exactly. Bed covers come in durable fiberglass and look good, but limit the size of the items you haul. Roll-up canvas bed covers provide less protection, but are more flexible. Bed covers can improve your gas mileage, as well as protect your Ford Ranger bed. Find a large inventory of bed liners, covers, and storage boxes for your truck on eBay.