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About Ford Pinto

You have loved the Ford Pinto since you were old enough to call dibs on the backseat hump. You fondly remember family vacations, learning to drive, and heading off to college in the classic car that many think of as the kid sibling of the Mustang. As an adult, you want to own this classic car once again and restore it to its former glory. Whether you are a fan of the two-door model or the paneled Pinto wagon, you can take advantage of the vast inventory on eBay to find a Ford Pinto begging for some TLC. If you already own the car and need to make some repairs or upgrades, Ford Pinto parts and accessories are also available. Muffler hangers, weather strips for the doors and trunk, and carburetors are just a few of the possibilities. For a complete renovation, a complete Ford Pinto engine may offer the best solution. Pinto enthusiasts who simply love the nostalgia can collect model kits, vintage toys, and other memorabilia to satisfy their Pinto thirst. Either way, the Ford Pinto allows you to relive the groovy feeling of the 1970s.