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About Ford PCM

Cruising down the road, without a care in the world, the ominous flash of the "Check Engine" light instantly kills the mood. A complex computer controlling a 2-ton steel package, your Ford PCM or powertrain control module is likely the cause of this shift in tone, and for good reason. An electronic control unit responsible for managing over 100 different functions and processes within your vehicle, the PCM is a key component in modern car diagnostics that serves as a "brain" of sorts for your Ford car or truck. Depending on the model you drive, the PCM may be one of several different computer units that monitor everything, including engine function, emissions, and communication between interconnected parts. A Ford PCM, designed specifically for use inside Ford vehicles, can also malfunction itself, like any computer unit. In this case, full replacement is the only way to get the "Check Engine" light to switch off finally. When this happens, shopping on eBay is a great way to save time and money in completing this critical repair, since the large inventory of car parts includes various PCM units for different Ford models and years. The menacing glow of a "Check Engine" light interrupts the simple joy of driving your Ford. Stop the light from flashing before it starts by keeping your vehicle and its "brain" in proper working order.

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