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About Ford Keys

You are running late, rushing through the house frantically looking for your car keys to make it to work on time. With a spare Ford key, you can save yourself the hassle of locating your lost keys and use your backup set instead. Old Ford keys are made of metal and do not contain microchips to protect against theft as do the newer designs. Ford uses Intelligent Access for new keys, allowing you to lock, unlock, and start your car from afar with the wireless fob. Older keys have a simple design and easier to duplicate, so making a spare set for your Ford car or truck is simple; and with Ford key blanks, you can make as many spares as you need. Use them in an automatic key-making machine or let a professional make one for you. Stop wasting time looking under couch cushions for your keys, grab your extra set, and make it to work on time—look for the materials you need to make a spare Ford key on eBay.