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About Ford Flex Wheels

With seating for up to seven passengers, the Ford Flex is often called upon for long road trips and gatherings. Keep those Ford Flex wheels in top condition to ensure that your crossover utility vehicle stays up to the task. There are both OEM and aftermarket Flex wheels available through the large inventory on eBay. Both are suitable but the aftermarket wheels may offer you more style and pattern options for a bit of flair. It is important to know the proper wheel size when shopping for your new rims. The Ford Flex has been in production since 2009 and has seen a range of wheel diameters from 18 inches up to 22 inches in size. For instance, some 2013 models rely on 20-inch Ford Flex wheels, while the early 2009 models did not. Some model years use multiple rim sizes, like the 2013, which may use an 18-, 19-, 20-, or 22-inch wheel rim. Luckily, the bolt pattern of 5x114.3 has remained the same over the years. Whether aftermarket or OEM, keep your vehicle running with the right size of Ford Flex wheels.