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About Ford Flathead

In 1939, every Ford sold had a Ford flathead engine in it. Ford was built on the success of the flathead motor, and their popularity with collectors and hot-rodders has yet to wane. These durable engines make for great lawn mowers, but you will not see one of the classic Ford flathead V8 engines running in something that cuts your grass. This design has new makes and old makes, some good for collection purposes and some just good for working. The sellers on eBay offer a wide array of items, such as the Ford flathead. Collectors and sellers from all over the world are brought together on one easy-to-shop website. It is a good thing that there are also convenient shipping options, because that Ford flathead motor is not going to be easy to haul back to your place. Whether you are shopping for a working relic from the golden age of the automobile or you are just looking to interact with the first big commercial success that Ford had, you can with a Ford flathead engine.