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About Ford Festiva

Celebrate your drive with a car that literally means "festive." The Ford Festiva, sold by the Ford Motor Company between 1986 and 2002, offers a compact car design in hatchback, sedan, and wagon styles. The small design offers good gas mileage, and a fun way to drive as you zip through traffic, even during the thickest of rush hours. The car was originally available in the Americas, as well as Australasia and Japan. There is a vast inventory on eBay available for those looking for Ford Festiva parts to keep their cars going. For instance, a Ford Festiva engine may be on its last legs due to the accumulation of miles. Often times, replacing key parts, including the engine and transmission, can extend the life of the vehicle for years. Enjoying a drive requires that you have a car you enjoy driving. With the Ford Festiva, you are sure to enjoy the unique combination of reliability and affordability.