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About Ford Fender Flares

Traversing through the rocky hills of the Appalachians is no problem for your Ford truck. Even though the wheel-spin kicks rocks and debris against its panels, your Ford fender flares protect against dings, dents, and the occasional mud splatter. Fender flares offer trucks extra protection against environmental hazards, such as rocks and bolts left on the ground. Standard flares provide two to four inches of extra protection in keeping rocks away from the truck body; custom sizes are also available if you want something even more protective. Ford Ranger fender flares are produced to fit perfectly onto the body of that truck model, while Ford F150 fender flares use the mounting locations found under the wheel wells of the popular F-Series truck. The flares are easy to assemble and you can mount them in just minutes. Standard units are made from durable plastic resin to match your paint job, but other higher-quality pieces are made from carbon fiber and fiberglass for added safety. Large inventories of Ford fender flares are available on eBay. Not only do fender flares protect your truck's body panels, but they also change the complete look of your truck and add a more aggressive tone to its appearance. Keep your Ford fenders safe and your truck looking cool with fender flares.