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About Ford Fairmont

The Fox platform was foundational to Ford Motors throughout the 1980s and 1990s. The Ford Fairmont introduced that platform to the public, and it did so while simultaneously introducing a new line of lightweight parts and components that made it fuel-efficient for its time. A variant model with an altered roofline, the Ford Fairmont Futura was produced. This roofline was available as a trim modification on standard mid-size units. The Ford Fairmont boasted several engines across generations, beginning with a fairly standard 2.3L OHC inline four model and ending with the powerful 4.95L Windsor V8. The car's power, along with its optional four-speed manual transmission, made it a capable mid-size automobile in terms of both speed and handling, further bolstered by its relatively lightweight construction. A turbocharged 4-cylinder engine was offered toward the end of the car's life cycle, though few were ever produced or ordered. You can find these cars and the parts and tools to service them on eBay. Reliable, knowledgeable sellers offer access to a huge variety of automobiles and automobile parts with reasonable shipping options.