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About Ford F150 Beds

A man and his truck is a mighty combination, a woman and her truck is an even more serious duo. The owner of a Ford F150 bed often likes to accessorize their truck beds with extenders, covers, caps, liners, rails, and more. You may have of the two styles of beds in your truck: The traditional, straight bed with the fender wells on the inside, which is the "styleside," or the sportier style with the fender wells on the outside of the bed, called the "flareside." Each style comes in several bed lengths, ranging from five and one-half feet long to eight feet long. If length really matters to you, a Ford F150 bed extender can add an additional eighteen inches of cargo space by using the tailgate. One of the most popular Ford F150 bed accessories is the Ford F150 bed cover. Securing and protecting your load is easier with a hard or soft cover with either a track and snap system or a hydro-lift system. eBay's auto parts department is a great place to find new and used accessories you need to enhance the appearance and practical use of your truck.