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About Ford Edge Wheels

Get the hip style that gives you an edge and helps you stand out on the street by upgrading your Ford Edge wheels with some super-cool aftermarket rims. Ford launched the Edge mid-sized crossover SUV in 2007, and it has been available in several styles and with a variety of trim levels ever since. For example, Ford Edge 22-inch wheels were an option on the Sport trim level for the first-generation model available from 2009 until 2014. When it is time to replace your Ford Edge wheels, you could choose like-for-like with original manufacturer equipment (OEM) replacements, ensuring that you get a perfect fit that brings your SUV back to its original factory floor state. However, new wheels are a chance for a new look, and there are many aftermarket companies producing funky rims in a range of colors and finishes that give your Edge some swagger. Ford Edge Sport wheels in chrome give your SUV a sporty style, while black wheels give your Edge a gritty urban vibe. There are wheels available through the vast inventory on eBay, so it is easy to get the look you want.