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About Ford 460

Find the torque and horse power you are lacking by injecting your ride with a Ford 460. The Ford 460 Engine has flexed its muscle for hot rod drivers the world over, and the collection of Ford 460 motors and parts bring the same beefy performance within your reach. Dropping 7.5 liters of brutal force under your hood will not go unnoticed you will feel your grip tighten and notice heads turning as soon as you give the beast a little gas. The selection also includes Ford 460 heads, stud kits, and other replacement parts made of solid aluminum and steel, providing you what you need to keep your motor performing at its best. The engine and parts are all delivered using the reliable shipping methods on eBay, and reliable sellers will see to it that you have what you need to feed your machine as you build the fastest, most respected set of wheels in town. Jump to the front of the pack and leave your worries behind.