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About Ford 351 Engine

It is apparent at car shows just how powerful vintage Fords are, which the cars and trucks owe in part to the mighty Ford engines. Many of Ford's performance cars such as the Mustang and some of their trucks have a Ford 351 engine. Ford manufactures two different types of 351 engines, and both are V8s. One type is the Ford 351W crate engine, also called the 351 Windsor. Ford enthusiasts love the Windsor engines for their performance, especially when paired with custom and aftermarket parts. The other type of Ford 351 crate engine is the Cleveland, or 351C. The Cleveland engine comes in several varieties such as the 351C-2V, 351C-4V, 351H, and 351M. Of these, if you prefer a performance engine, the 351C-4V is the one you want. It has a 4-barrel carburetor and larger valves. On eBay, you can find a wide variety of these engines for many different model years and Ford vehicle types. It is common to see a modified version of the Ford 351 engine, called the Clevor. This engine suits high-performance cars like the Mustang. It has modifications that include the 4-barrel carburetor and larger valves added to a Windsor engine.

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