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About Ford 302 Block

To ride a Boss 302 Mustang is to live on the bleeding edge of Ford automotive engineering. The thrill of this special breed of Mustangs is mostly due to the engine they carry, the venerable Ford 302 block. Ford brings out the Boss 302 anytime it wants to assert the superiority of the Mustang in the muscle car showdown with the likes of the Chevrolet Camaro. There have only been two generations of the Boss 302 Mustang and each carries a different Ford Boss 302 block. The first Ford Boss 302 engine is a hybrid of two powerful small-block V8 Ford engines. It shares the same displacement with the second Boss 302 engine but only puts out 290 horsepower compared with the latter's 444 horsepower. For even greater oomph, there is the Ford Racing 302 block. This is a family of crate engines with displacements ranging from 5- to 5.9 liters. The most powerful of the Ford Racing 302 engines is the 5.4-liter block that generates a grin-inducing 500 horsepower. The Ford racing engines gives your regular Mustang the power of a Boss 302 Mustang. Get ready to feel the thrill of the Boss when you pick up a Ford 302 block from the large inventory of Ford engines on eBay.

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