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About FootJoy Golf Shoes

Your golf club swings down at a perfect and even tempo, making solid contact with the ball and driving it 250 yards across the pristine green. With the right technique and a pair of FootJoy golf shoes serving as the reliable base to your swing, the dream of that hole-in-one could become a reality. Quality golf shoes are essential to the anatomy of your swing and game, providing torque reduction and stability. FootJoy offers a range of solutions for a perfect match to your particular style. FootJoy Contour Series golf shoes feature a waterproof upper that is breathable and durable, as well as Flex Zone technology that allows the shoe to flex and be more stable throughout the swing. If you want a shoe that can transition easily from the course to lunch, FootJoy street golf shoes such as the FJ City gives you a classic loafer style that works as well in the outside world as on the green. Explore all of your options with the array of listings from the sellers on eBay to find the FootJoy golf shoes that add value to your golf game.