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About FootJoy Classics Golf Shoes

Whether you enjoy the sound that metal spikes on golf shoes make walking across cement, or prefer spikeless golf shoes that can go from the course to other destinations without changing, there are a pair of FootJoy Classic golf shoes for you. FootJoy golf shoes come in standard colors like white or black and brown, or two-tone colors, which can feature more unusual combinations like brown and red or green and yellow. All of these golf shoes are of the lace-up variety. FootJoy golf shoes feature top-quality genuine leather linings, lightweight cushioned foot beds, thick insoles, and a fiberglass composite support bridge. FootJoy Classic Tour golf shoes, although no longer manufactured, feature the same quality construction. FootJoy Classic Spikeless golf shoes are similar to standard FootJoy Classic golf shoes, but without metal spikes. These shoes have a DuraMax rubber outsole that is both durable and provides a turf-gripping ability that rival metal spike shoes. A variety of different golf shoes are available in the vast inventory on eBay. Take strokes off your game simply by choosing the right shoes for you.