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About Footed Pajamas

Regular pajama tops and bottoms keep your arms and legs nice and warm but often leave your feet out in the cold. Fortunately, you can solve that problem with footed pajamas. These pajamas come in your favorite fabrics such as cotton, flannel, and wool. They usually feature snug hoods and comfortable feet that fit and feel like soft slippers. While some people prefer ordinary pajamas, the young and young at heart might enjoy pajamas with more of a wild side. This fun sleepwear features zebra stripes, leopard prints, and patterns of paws. Hoods with animal ears and fur tops make for extra fun with your bedtime look. Most footed pajamas come as single one-piece sets. However, you can also find sets in two-piece designs. For loose and comfortable pajamas, look for garments offering a unisex fit. For a snug and feminine shape, search for women's PJs instead. Reliable sellers make it easy to narrow your search on eBay to find a pair that is just right for you, and you can browse a large sleepwear collection to find cozy and warm pajamas of all kinds.