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About Football Pads

The cheering, running, and screaming for your son's football team is a rush every time you go to a game. Always make sure to keep your son safe with football pads for his shoulders. Football is a sport that involves physical contact and this contact can be rough on the body with all of the tackles and takedowns. Football shoulder pads provide extra protection to your son's shoulders and keep them protected when he is playing a game. The pads are designed to sit on the shoulders and have padding in them to add bulk, which will absorb any impact. Youth football pads come in different sizes to ensure the proper fit on your son. You can choose from white or black pads to match any outfit. The pads are also easy to remove and put on, so your football player will never be left in the locker room struggling to get ready. The reliable sellers on eBay have many football pads for sale that you can choose from. Sellers offer convenient shipping options to get you your product when you need it.