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About Football Gloves

Try to imagine catching an icy, slick football. Over the years, many perfect cold-weather passes have turned into slapstick comedy, which is why receivers started wearing football gloves on the field in the 1980s. The gloves sported sticky rubber palms, and some players added even stickier substances to make them more effective. Sticky substances eventually became illegal for play, but football receiver gloves were in the National Football League to stay, and their use spread to college and youth football, as well. Gloves also appeared for other positions. Football lineman gloves, for instance, feature thick padding to protect the fingers and hands of the tackles and guards battling it out in the trenches. Other players use football gloves to lessen the risk of injury from tackles and pile-ups. Some quarterbacks believe gloves give them a better grip on the ball when passing. Reliable eBay sellers offer new and used gloves for all football positions and climate conditions in a variety of styles and sizes.