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About FOOSE Wheels

Developed by famed automotive designer Chip Foose, there are several styles of FOOSE wheels to put on your ride. These luxury wheels are available in one-piece cast rims, one-piece forged rims, two-piece cast rims, and two- or three-piece forged rims. The one-piece rims are convenient and easy to install in your vehicle. Multiple piece rims are lighter weight, stronger, and easier to repair if there is some road damage to the wheel. You can also find a lot of cool styles in multiple-piece FOOSE speed wheels, such as the spinner rim that rotates inside of the wheel as it turns to create an unusual visual effect. Find both forged and cast FOOSE wheels through the large inventory on eBay too. A forged wheel is lighter weight and higher-quality compared to a cast wheel, but the cast wheels are more inexpensive to produce and so are cheaper to purchase. The forged wheel is also stronger because the forging process creates a denser alloy. When looking at new rims for your car, consider going with FOOSE for a high-performance and stylish design.