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About Foo Fighters

If the CDs “Nothing Left to Lose” and “The Colour and the Shape” are now sitting in your room scratched because you’ve been playing them on repeat for years, chances are you might be a Foo Fighters fan. Since 1994, this group has been wowing crowds and fans with its alternative rock and post grunge sound. Originally started by Dave Grohl, the drummer for Nirvana, the Foo Fighters rose in popularity to receive eleven total Grammy awards to date. Because of their fame and musical influence, memorabilia of all types including Foo Fighters shirts, posters, vinyls, and Foo Fighters signed materials can be worth big bucks. Reliable eBay sellers offer a range of items, including vintage and newer pieces. If you are a famous (or infamous) air guitar player or dashboard drummer, pick up “Wasting Light” and other albums to rock out to before the next concert. Don't just enjoy your band in the car—show your love to the world with music memorabilia to fit your style.

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