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About Fontanini

As a wedding present, someone gave you a gorgeous glass nativity set, but after several years and a few children, a lot of the pieces are broken. Replace it with a Fontanini set, which is beautifully made but still durable enough to stand up to children. Fontanini nativity figures are made of a material called polymer or a marble based resin. Then, artisans in Italy hand paint each figure. You can start with a basic nativity scene that includes just Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Then each year, you can add additional figures to your Fontanini nativity set, including an angel, shepherd, sheep, cow, donkey, and the three wise men. You can also get a Fontanini stable, which is perfectly proportional to the figures. Since Fontanini figures are so durable, you may be able to find used figures in very good condition on eBay. Also look for a good deal on new Fontanini figures, and start a new Christmas tradition for your family.

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