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About Folklorico

Spin, twirl, and jump in ruffled layers of red, blue, green, and yellow. Folklorico blends traditional European ballet with the folky styles of Latin America, which offers a lot of opportunity to get creative with costumes. Traditional folklorico dresses usually feature ruffled circle skirts in eye-catching colors, letting you move freely on the stage and wow the crowd at the same time. You can also wear skirts and blouses in folk styles, with lots of rich embroidery, lace, and ruffles. Folklorico menswear features a variety of different styles. American-influenced looks have a more country and western edge, with western-style shirts and blue jeans, whereas Mexican and Central American styles draw more influence from Spain. If you want to get a bit more modern, you can play with printed folklorico fabrics featuring skulls, Frida Kahlo-inspired designs, or even Mexican wrestlers. Whether you want to make a splash on Cinco de Mayo or you are a passionate dancer, you can find a large inventory of folklorico looks on eBay.