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About Folk Art Paintings

The inspiration for folk art painting comes from everyday folks and their culture. The subject can be as ordinary as a family picnicking in a meadow or three blackbirds perched atop a just-baked pie. Images seen in folk art come straight from a community, reflecting common traditions and experiences pertinent to a particular time period. American folk art painting, for example, emerged when self-taught artists were removed from European influences. As a result, these paintings lack perspective, depth, and realism, yet they are warm and colorful. Folk art paintings include landscapes, portraits, still life, and historical or religious subjects, and they may incorporate different types of media, including wood, paper, clay, metal, cloth, and canvas.. People looking for modern or antique folk art paintings can browse the vast inventory on eBay. From 19th century portraits housed in beautifully appointed frames to vibrant contemporary paintings portraying suburban life, folk art makes for an interesting conversation starter.