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About Folk Art Carvings

Rutting elk, delicate deer, and slithering snakes etched into a wooden disc adorns the wall of a nature lover or outdoor enthusiast. Folk art carvings often pay tribute to nature and some offer a glimpse into the history of American culture, depicting scenes from days gone by. Some carvings are two-dimensional reliefs with images carved or etched into a flat piece of wood, while others are full three-dimensional figures. No collection of American folk art is complete without a traditional folk art carved bird spreading its wings over your table or perched on a tree branch. Reliable sellers on eBay offer vintage folk art carvings that delight the veteran collector or enchant the novice with images of American farmers and ranch life. Collecting folk art carvings has become a popular hobby among those who value nature-inspired crafts. The vast inventory on eBay and the many knowledgeable sellers make adding the perfect piece to your table or wall as easy (and as American) as apple pie.

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