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About Folding Tables

For any great—or even serviceable—party, there must be a place where everyone can gather round for drinks, food, and conversation, and if you're at the beach or on the patio, chances are you won't have a mahogany dining table sitting conveniently nearby. In such settings, you need a handy folding table, something that you can pack up once the party's over and store until next time. Most folding tables (until you get to the massive sizes) can be set up, struck down, and stored by one person, so the fuss is minimal. The most common table is the plastic folding table: it is long-lasting, stands up to the elements, and is easy to clean. Another type of table to know about is the folding camping table; these often come with fold-in benches so campers can take a load off after a long day of hiking. Find your wooden or plastic folding table in new or used condition on eBay, so you can set up a convenient place to wind down, or start, your next party.