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About Folding Rulers

Our systems of measurement are so engrained in our culture that we think about them about as much as we think about breathing. How remarkable, then, when otherwise mundane measuring devices such as the folding ruler find their way into the hands of hobbyists and collectors, making their mark as relics of history. Anton Ullrich invented the folding ruler in 1851, and carpenters and craftsmen embraced it as a collapsible, easily portable tool for use on the jobsite. Not long after, it made its way into schoolhouses, and every other facet of daily life, only to be supplanted later by the more convenient measuring tape roll. Reliable sellers on eBay have listed various vintage folding ruler varieties for your easy perusal, featuring different systems of measurements and measurement quotients. For those with a fixation on artifacts of the past, an antique folding ruler makes for an interesting addition to any growing collection.