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About Foils

Get your own foil badge from your favorite trading card game. These rare cards are fun to collect, but often difficult to find. If you are lucky, you may find an MTG foil for the Magic: The Gathering game. Take pride among your friends by being the first to collect one. Unlike standard badges where you can keep upgrading to reach the highest level, you only have one level with these badges. Lightning Dragon was the first of these cards to become widely available. Since then, they have been inserted into decks at random, giving you a 1 in 70 chance of getting one. As such, myths and rares are harder to find than the commons, making them a prized item once found. Look for MTG, Russian, or Innistrad foil from the reliable sellers on eBay. Trade them, or just buy new or used cards to add to your collection. Add a foil to your set if you want to stand out against the average player.