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About Foamposite Shirts

With their responsive cushioning and rubber outsole that promotes multidirectional traction, Nike's Foamposite shoes are one of the most popular shoes on the market and you cannot leave home without them. Next time you head to the gym, complete your outfit with one of the many stylish Foamposite shirts that declare your belief in the power of the foam. There is a vast inventory of Foamposite shirts on eBay, available in many different colors and displaying a number of fun phrases. From "Foams Too Fresh" to "I Got Them Foaming At The Mouth," these shirts offer a playful bit of smack talk about the edge your Foamposite shoes give you on other competitors. You can find shirts to match the color scheme of your sneakers, such as a pink Foamposite shirt or a royal blue Foamposite shirt. You might also enjoy a black crew neck T-shirt with the phrase "Foam Fetish" across the front in elephant print letters outlined in pink. Foamposite shirts are made with 100 percent preshrunk cotton, making them a comfortable and stylish way to celebrate your favorite Nike sneakers.